I’ve written dozens of articles and books on entrepreneurship, startups, product-market fit, and product leadership. I’ve been writing for my entire career, and was an author for technology books published by Microsoft Press.

Great products don’t happen by accident — it’s exceptional leadership that truly makes a difference.


NEW! Less, but Better: The Essentialist Product Manager

(Released October 2020)

Many of us try to do 100 things at the same time. As a result, we scatter our energy and don’t make significant, meaningful, or satisfying progress on any of those 100 things. In this book, I introduce the concept of “essentialism” into product management, why “less is better,” and how to claim back your time by adopting the essentialist mindset as a product manager.

Find Product-Market Fit Faster: Lessons for Product Managers

(Released January 2020)

I’ve helped transform rough ideas into real products and bring those products to market. In this book, I share my techniques for validating products and concepts, quickly iterating ideas, and making rapid decisions about what to build. This validation process includes determining who your customer is, your value proposition for your product, what features to build, how to price your product and how to talk about your product with potential customers. 

From Product Manager to Product Leader: Lessons from today’s product experts

(Available Now)

Great product leadership creates great products. And great product leadership can be learned. This book brings together practical lessons and stories from 20+ product leaders, including how to mobilize your team behind a product strategy, create lightweight processes, break down silos, encourage collaboration, and cultivate a culture of customer centricity.