Speaking Topics

Jim Semick

Empowering future product leaders to build and launch great products that solve real problems

For nearly 20 years I have taken new, disruptive software products from concept to market launch, and perfecting the recipe for building and launching great products that find success in the marketplace. 

I have given dozens of talks on product-market fit, product management, and business models. I am a frequent guest lecturer and advisor at University of California, Santa Barbara. 

I have been interviewed for numerous podcasts and publications including Steve Blank and Forbes.

My entrepreneurial journey is unique, spanning from product manager to founder. I would love to share my experience at your event.

Current Speaking Topics

The Essentialist Product Manager

Many product managers try to do 100 things at the same time. As a result, we scatter our energy and don’t make significant, meaningful, or satisfying progress on any of those 100 things. In this session we’ll discuss the concept of “essentialism,” and how product managers can choose to work on the few things that really matter. “Less but better.”

In this session, product managers will learn: 

  •  Essentialism: Why Less is Better
  •  Non-essentialist patterns of product managers
  •  The mindset of an essentialist product manager
  •  Habits for claiming back your time
Find Product-Market Fit Faster: Lessons for Product Managers

I’ve been a part of product teams for almost 20 years. During this time, I’ve helped transform rough ideas into real products and bring those products to market. In this session I’ll share great techniques for validating products and features. 

In this session, product managers will learn: 

  • Techniques for validating product concepts faster.
  • Tips for interviewing customers including better questions to ask 
  • Models for making better decisions about what to build
From Product Manager to Product Leader

Great product leadership creates great products. And great product leadership can be learned. In this session we’ll share practical lessons from 20+ product leaders.

Product managers will learn how to:

  • Mobilize your team behind a product strategy
  • Create lightweight processes
  • Break down silos & encourage collaboration
  • Cultivate a culture of customer centricity.